No TV November - Day 2 of 30

Instead of watching TV we:

**made breakfast

**danced and sang

**made spiders out of Play-doh

**read books

**played board games

**made brownies and cookies

**delivered snacks to TNFD

**gathered leaves

**made crowns

**helped each other clean the house



Cameron doesn't nap every day.  Sometimes he just enjoys a little rest time.  Today he rested for 30 minutes.  He was wearing his watch and I told him that his nap would be over at 2:00.  At exactly 2:00 he came down the stairs.  He must have just stared at that watch the whole time!  During Olivia and Baby Cameron's nap, Big Cameron and I played Chutes and Ladders.  When it was apparent that Cameron was going to win he looked at me and said, "Let's play a game where there is no winning."  Awww, that's so sweet.  So, we played Obstgarten ("The Little Orchard") and then a peg game by Haba.  Cameron made that picture without any help from me!  He's a very observant child.

We also took loving care of this sweet boy.  He is soooo adorable, fun, happy, and truly a member of our family.  He didn't watch TV either, but he did watch his hands a lot!


  1. you've inspired me, I just shut off the TV (we weren't really watching) and put on Dan Zane's Nueva York CD. We can still veg in our jammies, but no boob tube! Thanks Friend! xxoo

  2. Sounds great...good for you Mama! We love Dan Zanes also!


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