Thrifty Thursday

Yes, I do love to knit.  I know, shocking!  However relaxing and rewarding this hobby can be, it can be equally hard on my wallet.  I am always looking for ways to still do what I love without breaking the bank.

My friend Wanda has a wonderful Etsy site called Weecycled Wool.  She takes thrift door sweaters and unravels them.  Then she winds them into beautiful center-pull balls and sells them on her Etsy site.  Brilliant, I say!  I have my hands pretty full with all the children I care for during the day that when I am ready to knit I just want to get right to it.  Wanda takes all the hard work out of recycling the sweaters.  She chooses high quality, gently used sweaters.  The yarn is great for all kinds of knitting projects.  Just one more way you can reduce your carbon footprint and be a more virtuous consumer!

Check out her shop at Weecycled Wool.  Better hurry before I buy it all!

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