Heigh Ho!

I have a really old "Walt Disney Song Book".  I remember it from the 80's when I was taking piano lessons.  Now we use it as a sing-along book.  I play the piano and sing, and the kids dance and sing along with me.  From time-to-time Olivia (or Olive Oil as Cameron and my Dad have taken to calling her) will open the book and just start singing the songs.  "I've Got No Strings", "Someday My Prince Will Come"; all the old classics.  It's a wonderful song book.  The binding is broken, and it is really falling apart, so I have got to do something to preserve it.

If you haven't already heard (which would completely shock me), "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" has been released from the Disney Vault. Oh, that Disney Vault.  It's so mysterious!  I wonder what it looks like, sometimes.  It must be fantastic!  And big!  And guarded by trolls... but I digress.

Now, Cameron has seen "Snow White" once at Nana and Grampa's house.  For Olivia, this was the first time she saw it.  One rainy day last week we put it on the TV (OK, it may not have been raining, and it may have been the day it was released).  I was feeding a bottle to baby Cameron in the piano room.  Cameron and Olivia were on the couch with the movie on.  Then I heard one of the cutest conversations ever!  It went like this:

Movie:  The dwarfs start singing "Heigh-Ho"

Olivia:  "Hey, Cameron.  Did you hear that?  They just said "Heigh-Ho".

Cameron:  (not impressed) "Yeah."

Olivia:  "Heigh-Ho, Heigh Ho, to make your troubles go."  And then she tried to whistle.

It was just precious.  I think I cried a little.


  1. I remember that book sitting on your piano when we were growing up! How fun that you and the kids are still enjoying it! :)

  2. Duct tape and/or clear packing tape. I can fix it for you if you'd like.


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