The Fair

Yesterday we went to the Sandwich Fair.  Damien and I have been going to this fair together since we met in 2000.  I am somewhat of a fair "snob".  I compare all other fairs to the Sandwich Fair, and no other meets my expectations.  I didn't take many photos this year.  I was too busy enjoying my children enjoying the fair.

We have so many great memories from this fair, and this year was no exception.  Actually, this year was better!  Our friend, Tyler (Uncley Tyler) joined us and thank goodness he did.  We had an extra child with us and it was great to have an extra adult.  That, and the fact that we LOVE Uncley Tyler.  He is family.

On our way up the drive from the parking lot a van drove by.  Tyler and I were both thinking the same thing.  Something like, "Where does he get off driving right to the gate?"  That's when I saw Governor Lynch in the passenger seat.  Damien had to go back to the car, so he missed the whole thing.  We were about 40 feet from his parked car and I stopped the kids as the Governor stepped out.  I said, "Hey kids, wave to the Governor."  They did.  And the Governor walked right over to us.  It is my second time meeting him (he served me ice cream once in front of the State House).  He is a very pleasant, kind man.  He talked to my kids, asked us questions and told us to have a wonderful time at the fair.

Our first stop inside the gate was at the Jumbo Donut stand.  Yum!  We shared, of course.  There was plenty of donut to go around.

Next we visited all the animals.  We put Cameron in a cage, which he thought was very amusing!  So did the goat next to him.

Every year my kids play in the"kid cage" and this year was more of the same.  Running.  Olivia and Cameron are best friends and they absolutely love playing with each other.

Maria didn't go in the kid cage.  She was happy to sit on the rocks and eat her Mac and Cheese.

One big difference this year for me was that I didn't eat fair food, with the exception of French Fries.  They were delicious.

We took the children on some rides.  The pink pills were my favorites.  (Sorry, no photo, but they do look like little pink pills.)  Olivia, as always, enjoyed the Merry-Go-Round.  It is her most favorite amusement park ride.  Maria enjoyed it as well.

I love the new fair memories we made this year.  Even better than last year!


  1. Thanks Amanda, I love you guys too!

  2. How fun! And good idea to go on a week day...probably less crowded! Just love how good buddies Cameron and Olivia are...so precious.

  3. We had french fries too. Watching the guy put them in the french fry maker was Beastie's favorite thing about the fair.

  4. I love the Sandwich Fair. We always go the first night to avoid the crowds.

    Sounds like you guys had fun!


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