Fall + Family = Fun

This weekend my brother, sister-in-law and niece came to visit from NY.  We had quite the house full of people, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I absolutely love my family.  My mother and father both come from very large families, and it feels so natural to have everyone so close together.  I don't like having to say goodbye to them, but we will see each other again soon.

Our weekend was laid-back, quiet and cozy.  The rain kept us in for most of the day on Saturday, but we did do a little bit of outlet shopping.  Check out the girls in their new shirts!

My parents have completed their move to Gilford.  They are only 1.5 miles away from our house now.  To say I am excited is a major understatement.  We spent the gorgeous day yesterday playing in their beautiful yard.  I don't know how many acres they are on, but it's a lot.

Here is the view of their back yard from the house.  My parents gave the kids these weird looking frisbees to play with.  They all had a blast.  Olivia and Evelyn took turns throwing to each other.

I don't know why, but I just love a photo of a child walking away.  Poor Snoopy, ouch!

Not the best photo, but I love the expression on Cameron's face in this one.

Olivia rode on Grampa's shoulders for a bit.  I am amazed at my Dad's energy, even with his CLL.  Cameron got really good at throwing the frisbee.
Look at these gorgeous kids!

The view from the back.  The house is behind those gorgeous trees!


  1. Ok, the picture of the three kids together is absolutely beautiful! Glad you had such a good weekend. It was great to see you all on Friday night. Thanks for having me over!!

  2. Oh my gosh, what great pictures!! See you do not need an SLR! : )

    And Helloo...when did Evelyn and Olivia turn into such little girls??

    Great pic of the three of them together. Definitely a frameable one!


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