Ten Things Thursday

I thought it was about time to tell you a bit about the people in my life.  Most of you know my family, so I will save them for later.  I wanted to tell you about my friends.  I'll start with Mzchef.  Ten things I love about Mzchef:
  1. She's a fabulous friend!  We have been friends for a little over a year.  I have her to thank for introducing me to my wonderful group of Mommy friends.
  2. She is a wonderful chef!  She cooks for me at work because she knows I probably haven't eaten.  I should be thankful she cooks for me because I'm an annoying vegetarian ;)
  3. Her son Beastie.  Beastie is not really a beast at all, but a kind, loving, gentle boy who is besties with my daughter Olivia.  His loving temperament is a testament to the two wonderful parents who are raising him!
  4. Coffee mornings.  In the summer I walked to Mzchef's house every morning (with kids in tow) for coffee from her Keurig.  We chatted while the children played.  I love winter, but I am looking forward to summer mornings!
  5. She is direct, or blunt.  Whichever word you choose, I like it.  I never have to guess where I stand with Mzchef.  She tells me how she feels, and if we don't agree, so be it.  No animosity, no hurt feelings.  We are friends who can be honest with each other and I cannot tell you enough how important that is to me.  It's easy to be passive-aggressive, that's why so many people are.  It's not easy to tell people how you really feel.  It takes courage and I'm thankful for hers!
  6. She's my frugal friend.  I'm inspired by what she can cook on her food budget.  It's amazing!  
  7. Her sense of humor.  She can really make me laugh.  
  8. And speaking of laughs, she has one of the greatest laughs I've heard.  In fact, she told me she was voted best laugh in high school.  That's awesome!
  9. Her blog.  It's great, and funny, and honest.  I love it, you should check it out!  She has nicknames for everyone in her life.  I'm Hugandkiss.  I like it.
  10. Her stories.  She tells great stories.  True stories about crazy stuff that happened to her.  This one is one of my recent favorites.  I'm so glad we are friends.  I can't wait to hear more stories.
So, that's a little bit about Mzchef.  Don't worry friends, your turn will come.

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