Busy Week Update #6

Canobie Lake Park

On Monday we made our annual trip to Canobie Lake Park. Cameron's favorite ride was the Log Flume. I used to love that ride myself, but I think I was more Heaven's age! Cameron went on it about 6 times in a row. It was fun to watch him having such a great time.

Olivia got to ride on some of the kiddie rides with Cameron. They were so cute together. I was worried she would try to get off, but she wanted to stay on forever!

They also really enjoyed the Hall of Mirrors, another one of my favorites as a kid. Olivia and Cameron went through it a few times. Cameron loved to "accidentally" bump into the glass pretending he had no idea he went the wrong way!

Olivia enjoyed some rides alone while her brother went on the motorcycle. I think she was having fun, do you?

Check out my brave boy on the Flume!

And here is Olivia's favorite attraction...

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