Busy Week Update #7

Thar She Blows!

Tuesday was Whale Watch day! Now Cameron, Olivia and I were not planning on going, but on a whim and an invite from my Mom we decided, "What the heck?" I only see my nieces and nephew once a year and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

Cameron was so excited to be on a real boat! He did get seasick during the middle of the trip, but had a blast at the beginning and the end. When we talk about it now, he doesn't remember the sick part, just the whales, the big kids and th boat.

Great views of the Isle of Shoals!

Olivia enjoyed herself immensely!

On the way back to shore we ran into a fishing line and the boat slammed to a halt! It was a bit scary. I was excited that I would have a story to blog about, though, so I started taking photos! I was secretly hoping for a rescue at sea...he he!

It was another fun, but long and exhausting day! We said our goodbyes to the kids (sniff) for probably another year. Can't wait to see them all again!


  1. Amanda, I can't believe how much you've packed into this week! Looks like some great family time. The picture of Olivia pointing on the boat is wonderful. Your kids are great. It was fun to see y'all tonight.

  2. wow, Amanda, you really captured some really great pictures and memories. Cameron and Olivia will be glad they have these pictures to look back on and see how much fun they had with their extended family.


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