Olivia's 9-Month Dr. Visit

Olivia is about the same height and weight as Cameron was when he was 9-months old. Only about 1/4 pound and 1/4 inch off. We asked Dr. Albushies for some sleep advice, and he didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. He told me to stop nursing her in the middle of the night, but it's so hard for me. I don't want to wake up the whole house and let her cry. March, when Damien and I are home together in the evenings, we are going to start a consistent bedtime routine for her, which I know will help.

I told Dr. Albushies that she has been eating cereals and fruits and vegetables and that she loves picking up Cheerios and eating them. She gets visibly excited for meal time. He said we could start giving her table foods. Honestly, I was shocked. You can tell I haven't been reading "Your Baby Week-by-Week". You would think this was my first baby, because I really had no idea we were at that stage already. He said we can give her yogurt and cheese and chicken. He said we can cut up a grilled cheese sandwich and give it to her! Good thing we have regular checkups to keep me on my toes!

Dr. Albushies assured us she is a healthy, thriving little girl and told us to keep up the good work!

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