Olivia is 9-months old today, and I still can't tell you what color her eyes are! You may be thinking, "Now, what kind of a Mother doesn't know the color of her own child's eyes?" Don't judge! Next time you see her, you tell me, because I really want to know. I have spent countless hours of the past nine months trying to figure it out, but it eludes me. I really think I will have to make up a name for the color of her eyes.

Nine months! Has it really been that long? She continues to amaze me. I remember a feeling of panic in my eighth month of pregnancy wondering, "Can I really love another child as much as I already love Cameron?" How foolish of me. The day she was born I felt my heart grow. I wonder now how my heart fits in my body. It brings to mind a quote I ran across when I was pregnant with Cameron.
Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body. -Elizabeth Stone

Olivia has learned how to crawl with enthusiasm. She crosses the length of the house before I can say, "Cameron, please don't pour juice in your Cheerios." She is pulling herself up to standing and starting to cruise a tiny bit. She mostly loves standing by the train table and watching Cameron play. She still adores her brother, and he still adores her. Now she needs to learn how to let herself down from standing. She did it once, but most of the time she just yells to tell us she has had enough.

Damien and I have sometimes called Olivia "goofball". A few mornings ago, Cameron woke up and saw Olivia looking at him. Without missing a beat, he smiled and said "Good morning goofball!" It was so cute! She smiled and laughed.

Olivia has many tricks. She waves bye-bye (she no longer says it) and she raises her arms in the air when we play "So Big". The funniest is when she crawls around on the floor and growls. Not very lady-like, but adorable, for certain!

For me, becoming a parent was something I knew I would do since a very early age. Growing up in a large loving, caring and nurturing family (thanks Mom and Dad) certainly had its influence on me. I realize, now, that my idea of being a parent has defintely changed since becoming one. I realize now, that it is not so much about watching and helping your children grow into responsible and loving beings, but about growing and learning myself. Thank you Cameron and Olivia for teaching me.

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  1. Amanda - You make us proud to see you as such a great mother and your blog makes me want to cry.
    Love, Mom


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