The Things I'll Miss Most

I have started packing my personal belongings from work and bringing them home. It has got me to thinking about the things I will miss the most about being a working Mommy.

>Packing my breast pump every morning.
>Realizing I forgot to freeze the ice packs from my breast pump as I am packing it in the morning.
>Saying goodbye to Cameron while he asks, "Mommy, do you want to go to work?"
>Replying to Cameron, "No honey, I would rather stay home with you."
>Waving goodbye to Cameron, Damien and Olivia in the front picture window.
>Realizing as I start my car that my gas tank is on empty.
>Paying $80 a week in gas.
>Breaks and lunch with Janice.
>Pumping three times a day and washing my breast pump parts in a public bathroom. Gross!
>Cameron and Olivia attacking me with hugs and kisses the minute I walk through the door!


  1. Routines are hard to say goodbye to, aren't they? Now you will have new and wonderful routines to look forward to... ones that include your beautiful children! I am so happy for you!

  2. Nana and Grandpa will miss all the Friday noght (and Saturday night) sleepovers!


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