Cameron's Three-Year Dr. Appointment

We delayed Cameron's 3-Year appointment so we could bring the two of them together. As you know, Cameron doesn't have a great history with Dr. visits. Although, his last visit for the flu shot went really well. Today was even better. Cameron played quietly while Dr. Albushies spoke to us about the kids. Dr. Albushies looked Olivia over first and when it was Cameron's turn he said, "All set, buddy, it's your turn." Cameron walked right over to him and followed every instruction. He was such a big boy , I just smiled the whole time. He showed Dr. Albushies how he can jump and how he can hold two fingers up. He showed him how he can recognize written letters and he showed him his cute Buddah belly. Dr. Albushies took his blood pressure for the first time, and Cameron thought that was the coolest. He checked his reflexes for the first time as well, and Cameron wasn't sure what to make of that involuntary kick, but he never cried. He had his serious face on the whole time, but was very brave.

We talked about thumb sucking, and he basically said there is really nothing we can do about it. He will stop when he's ready. It isn't a concern for me anyway. I'd rather him suck his thumb than have a tantrum any day!

After Cameron and Damien left the room we talked about hitting. I explained to Dr. Albushies that we do everything we can to guide him to make good decisions. I gave him some scenarios, and he didn't seem concerned at all. He explained that Cameron hits out of frustration and the best we can do is tell him, every time, that it is never OK to hit or hurt people. Dr. Albushies said that he will stop when he realizes that it really doesn't get him what he wants. He also said that Cameron, and all three year olds, are not cognitive thinkers. You can't explain to him the whys of anything. He will nod his head yes and say he understands, but he really doesn't yet. He also said that 3-year olds don't really have "hurt" feelings and that they don't really understand feelings yet. They understand that a parent tells them they have hurt feelings, but it isn't until grade-school that a child will really have their feelings hurt.

I, of course, will be doing some research on the matter, but everything he said makes sense to me in relation to my 3 year-old. Dr. Albushies reassured me that Cameron is a sweet, very well behaved little boy. I didn't really need him to tell me that. I know what a wonderful kid he is. It's just nice to hear it from an unbiased source.

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  1. Aidyn has started sucking his thumb as well and I can't help but think it's adorable haha. It's great to hear Olivia and Cameron are doing so well. It's so amazing to watch all our kids grow up together.


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