The Birthday Party

Cameron's birthday party was so much fun. It was very low-key with immediate family and Kim, Tom, Mia and Ben. I decided to not overdo the food and just made my macaroni and cheese and had a bunch of munchies. I made a small cake and some cupcakes. Cameron got a new kitchen set from Nana and Grampa so I made aprons for Cameron, Mia and Cole and as an activity they decorated their own cupcakes. They had so much fun. They frosted the cupcakes and Damien put some sprinkles on and then the best part, they got to eat them! Cameron ate all the frosting off the top and then he was done. Cole really got down to business on his cupcake.

I didn't want presents to be a stressful event for Cameron. He opened a couple that he really wanted to play with, so we let him play with them. Cole and Mia had fun opening some of his presents too. I think it is great that Cameron is not into how many presents he has and is very appreciative of the first couple he gets. Eventually he would come back to the presents and open a couple more. I find that if I let it stress me out that he is not opening all his presents he ends up feeling more stressed himself.

He got some wonderful European toys and games. I actually sat down and played some of the games myself while Cameron was sleeping. They are fun and really encourage team play instead of winning and losing, which I like. He'll get enough of that when he starts pop warner!

My little boy is growing up into a confident, delightful, smart young man and I am so proud!

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