Merry Christmas

On Christmas Eve, my parents and Meaghan came over (Witty had to work) and we went out for Chinese food. Then, before bed, I read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" to Cameron and Olivia. As usual, Olivia sat there and chewed on the book. Only this time, she actually got a piece in her mouth.

Christmas morning, Olivia awoke at 6:30 a.m. and she and I went downstairs where Nana and Grampa and Meaghan were sleeping. Olivia’s beautiful smile was enough to get Nana and Grampa out of bed, Meaghan was a little more difficult. We had a little time for coffee before we heard the pitter patter of Cameron’s feet above. We got the cameras out and waited for him to appear. He stopped in the doorway and took it all in. He was so excited. Then he saw his fire truck and said “Santa brought that to me?”

We all said yes and he ran over to it, but wasn’t sure if he could touch it. I told him he could take the bow off and that’s all he needed. The tradition in our family is to open stockings first and then have breakfast. Cameron got some Lightning McQueen underwear that Grampa told him were hats, and proceeded to put it on his head. He also got two horse figurines and Haba picnic figures.

Olivia got some PJs and shoes and some new wooden teething toys in her stocking. Cameron also got some candy canes in his stocking and we let him eat one before breakfast. It turned his tongue and lips and fingers blue!

Witty arrived around 9 a.m. and told us of how he almost didn’t make it out of a burning building. Great Christmas story, remind me to tell you about it sometime…

Breakfast consisted of sausage, biscuits and gravy, apple cinnamon Belgium waffles (with Nana’s new waffle maker) and eggs. It was delicious! After the kitchen was cleaned (thanks Damien and Wit) it was time to open presents.

Present opening always starts out nice and calm, everyone taking turns and admiring others’ gifts. Then, after about an hour, we all start to get antsy and just tear into gifts. It’s fun to watch the progression from calm to chaos. Cameron said “I’m done” after about two gifts, which was fine. He was very appreciative of what he had already received and didn’t feel the need to open any more.

I am trying to instill the notion of “quality over quantity” so we did not overdo it this year. He received a few nice German made cars and some European educational games. I also got him Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, two of my childhood favorites (made in the USA).
We had a wonderful Christmas Day! We made a pork in the crockpot for a late lunch and enjoyed each others' company. Later in the evening, Damien's parents and Brendan, Kelly and Cole stopped by for a visit.

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