Christmas at Nana and Grampa's

Nathan and Jennifer and their new baby girl, Evelyn, were not able to see us on Christmas, so we got to have another Christmas at my parents house. I met Evelyn for the first time. She is just a doll.

Ashley came for the weekend and brought everyone great gifts from Virginia Tech. My favorites are Cameron's sweatshirt and Olivia's onsie. It says "I'm behind the Hokies, open with caution." It's so cute. I can't wait until she fits in it. As a joke gift, Damien, Witty and I got Nate a giant can of tuna and a giant jar of mayo. He wasn't sure what to make of it, but I think he really likes it.

After the Phelps' Christmas, we had a Christmas party with some extended family on both my mother and father's sides. Olivia, my little baby, was actually the big girl of all the babies there.

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