Doctor Day!

I love doctor day; Cameron and Olivia, not so much. But for me it is reassurance that Damien and I are doing a good job. As a breastfeeding mother I am the sole source of nutrition for Olivia, and have anxiety about that every once in a while; so it is a relief for me to leave the doctor’s office knowing she has grown and she is thriving. Olivia is exclusively breastfed for six months now. We tried a little cereal, but she wasn’t interested. We will try again soon, but to be honest, I’m not sure I’m ready. I love not having to worry about packing food when it’s already with me. The doctor said the great thing about waiting six months is that I don’t really have to go as slowly as when you introduce foods earlier. I can introduce all the different cereals within a week and then start veggies and fruit. He did say not to wait too much longer because she might not want to eat if I wait past nine months. I promise I won’t wait that long Mom!

As for her “numbers”, those are not as important to me as they were when Cameron was an infant. At breastfeeding group I learned that all babies grow and progress in such different ways that it doesn’t matter how much they weigh, or how long they are, or what percentile they are in. What matters is, did she grow from the last visit, is she reaching her milestones within the time frame and is she happy. She grew, she is sitting up and smiling and laughing and making all sorts of early language sounds. She is perfect! I noticed in breastfeeding support group some mothers getting so hung up on the numbers and constantly comparing their babies to others. Cameron and Mia grew at very different rates, they reached milestones earlier and later than each other, but now, at almost three, they are both about the same height and weight, they both talk, they both run and jump and play, they are both healthy and happy. When Mia reached a milestone earlier than Cameron I was truly happy for her. When Cameron reached a milestone before Mia, Kim was truly happy for me. Of course we had our moments where we thought, “What if he never walks,” or “What if she never talks,” but we supported each other through those moments. Thank you Kim for never making me feel like it was a competition.

Cameron was at the visit and was such a great helper. He stood on the stool and helped change her diaper before the doctor came in the room. For those of you who are not aware of Cameron’s relationship with Dr. Albushies, it has not been great since his 1-year appointment. He had a traumatic experience and has since hated going to the doctor. We have been working on it and have seen a great improvement since Olivia was born. When the doctor came in the room Cameron showed him his toy and told him that he was going to Grampa’s house later. I forgot to tell him that he was getting his flu shot, and when the doctor reminded me I started to panic. You see, I had told Cameron we were going to the doctor for Olivia. I was so scared what his reaction would be when I told him he would be getting a shot. He was such a brave little boy. When I told him he looked at me with a concerned look on his face and said, “But why?” I said, “Because Mommy thinks it will help you this winter.” He said, “Will it hurt me?” I said, “Yes, it will hurt, but only for a second.” The doctor came in and I said, “Are you ready?” He said, “Yes.” I took his arm out of his sleeve and he said, “But it’s going to hurt?” I said, “Yes, but be brave.” The doctor gave him the shot, and he cried for a minute, but then said, “Can I go play?” “Yes,” I said. My brave little man!

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  1. I love reading these little stories. Keep it up.


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