Vacation in NY

We took the opportunity while I was on maternity leave to take a vacation to Saratoga Springs, NY to visit my brother Nate and sister-in-law Jennifer.

The first thing we did was visit this giant petting zoo. They had every animal you could imagine, from goats, to deer, to tigers and giraffes. Cameron had so much fun petting the baby animals. He really liked the wolf, luckily he wasn't in the petting portion of the zoo.

They had this really cool "Safari" ride with all kinds of exotic animals. I couldn't get any photos of anything but camels because they spent the whole ride trying to lick us. It was a ton of fun!

We went back to Nate and Jen's house to play in their giant back yard.

Then we took a trip to Saratoga to the Saratoga Spa State Park to see the salt mounds. The following photos of Olivia were taken within one minute, it's amazing how quickly a mood can change!

The Native American Indians of the area believed that Saratoga Springs had healing powers. I wonder if they heal "craziness" because at the sulfur mounds, Nate was being his daring self and scaring all of us. Then, along came a giant dog, and Nate has never met a dog he didn't like.

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