Now that Cameron is speaking so well, I need to start writing down more of his stories, or "Cameron-isms".

This Is Not a Parking Lot - Whenever we are walking in a parking lot, we tell Cameron he has to hold our hand, "because this is a parking lot." Well, he was walking with Grampa in the entrance area outside the Boston Aquarium, where there were a lot of people milling around. Grampa asked Cameron to hold his hand, to which Cameron replied, "No, this is not a parking lot." Can't really argue with that one.

Don't Say Dad - Cameron, Olivia and I were leaving from visiting with my parents. We got in the car and my Dad gave the kids kisses. Then he came over to my side and gave me a kiss. I said goodbye and drove away. Cameron got his stern voice on and said "Mommy, don't say Dad, say Grampa." "What?" I said. He repeated the same phrase. Then I realized that I had said "Bye Dad". It was the first time Cameron heard me call him something other than Grampa, hence, "Don't say Dad, say Grampa."

Olivia, Say Nana - A couple of weeks ago, my Mom and I did some shopping (this is becoming a regular thing, much to Damien's chagrin). Nana bought Cameron a new Bruder truck. On the way home, Olivia was doing her babbling thing, which sometimes sounds like real words. At one point it sounded like she said "Bampa". My mom says, "No Olivia, not Grampa, Nana, Nana, Nana." You see, she is pretty bitter about one of Cameron's first words being "Brampa". Cameron, playing with his new truck says, "Owi-ia, say Nana, she buys you toys."

Stingle - This is his made-up word for anything for which he does not know the correct word (not too many at this point). For example, pointing to my calculator he might say, "Oh, Mommy, can I use the stingle right there?" At the same time, the apple peeler could be a "stingle" as well.

If You Poop You Can Get a Fan - Cameron was at my parents house this summer the first time he pooped in the potty. Uncle Nate was there to share in the momentous occasion. Uncle Nate, Grampa and Cameron went to Wal-Mart where there was a "Lightning McQueen" toy cell phone Cameron wanted (this was pre-anti-China days). Uncle Nate and Grampa were afraid they would not be able to find a Lightning McQueen one, so Uncle Nate found a Lightning McQueen fan and was really playing it up. "Look how cool this is Cameron, I really like this fan." Eventually though, they found a phone and Cameron was so excited. The next morning, after breakfast, Cameron ran over to Uncle Nate and said, "Uncle Nate, if you poop you can get a fan." "I'm all set, thanks," was Nate's reply.

That's all I can remember right now. As I remember more I will add new "Cameron-isms" and I will try to post them as they happen, because they really are classic!

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