14/365: Snowshoes Are Awesome!

Today we tried out our snowshoes.  The kids enjoyed it a lot.  The snow was packed with a layer of ice.  We would have walked on top of it without the shoes, but it was fun just the same.  I know when we get some more snow they are going to love hiking through the woods.

There was a lot of falling down and it was fun to watch them get back up.

I love the concentration on Cam's face in the photo above.

Cameron asked if he could run in his snow shoes, and I said, "Probably not."  He proved me wrong and pointed it out.

My beautiful snowshoes!

I have no idea why kids like falling in snow so much.  It is freezing.  The more I ask him to stop, the more he falls.

We made memories today.  I have always felt, and proved it today, that it is not about the amount of time you spend with your kids that matters, it is what you do with that time.  The kids will remember today for a long time and I will remember it forever.

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