25/365: Our New Routine

When we lived in the Lakes Region, Olivia and I had a dance class day tradition of getting a blueberry muffin at a local coffee shop.  You can read about one of those adventures here.  Since moving to Stratham we have found a new place for our Wednesday morning dance class routine.  There is this local place called Country View Restaurant.  The kids call it "The Moose Place" because it has a picture of a moose on the sign.  I had been here a few times with my parents over the course of my lifetime, but now it is "our place".  The waitresses all know us by name and take very good care of us whenever we are there.  Olivia orders a chocolate chip pancake and gets chocolate all over her face.  Donna, one of our waitresses, has a little girl and we will soon be getting together for a play date.  Maybe even some skiing.  We like the restaurant, even though Olivia's face in this photo tells a different story...

On a side note, the camera on my Droid is garbage.  I should have taken the plunge and got an iPhone (although it was far from FREE and I couldn't pass up FREE since I can't pay my heating bill...)


  1. Have you tried using the macro setting on the Droid when taking close-up shots? I actually had great luck with my Droid camera... (although my new iPhone does blow it out of the water :-)

  2. We met the brothers who own the Country View a couple months ago. We sat at a table with them at an awards ceremony where they were receiving the Employer of the Year Award from One Sky Community Services (Greg's mom works with them in the care of two handicapped adult clients in her home, and received the Home Care Provider of the Year award). We've been meaning to drop in and have breakfast there, but haven't made it over yet. Super nice guys!


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