Day 71 - Blueberry Muffins and Dance - joy of LOVE~Day Nine

Today's prompt for joy of LOVE was "Passions and Hobbies" which was too easy being that today was dance class for Olivia.  Olivia LOVES dance class.  She loves her ballet slippers, her tap shoes, her skirt, her leotards, her mama-made ballet sweater, and she loves to see her friends.

She also loves blueberry muffins, which we try to have either before or after ballet.  Today it was before.

Little Dude (aka Baby Cameron, Little Cameron, Cameron James) was with us.  He likes blueberry muffins too!

Tonight was my second photography class.  It was just as fantastic as the first!  Our instructor explained exposure in more detail than I could handle.  I feel I do have a grasp of exposure, but I definitely learned some new things.  I had not really understood the concept of tonal values, but his explanation made it all come together for me.  

Before everyone left he talked about my blog, which I thought was pretty awesome!  He pointed out that my subject matter are things that I am comfortable with and people who are comfortable with me.  He complimented my composition, but challenged me to get that comfortable feeling in photos of people I do not know.  I agree that I do not challenge myself.  I am going to try to take his advice at the Sled Dog Race this weekend.  I will definitely have to step out of my comfort zone.  Especially because I have a love affair with my 50mm lens and to get great composition, I definitely have to be in your face or at an otherwise awkward angle.  Wish me luck!

BTW, if you want to try this, at the first class he explained how he does it.  He talks to people!  Imagine that?  I am pretty social and friendly, but I am shy in certain situations.  He talks to people for a while before he even takes out his camera.  Then he starts to take out his camera and sits it in his lap.  After he feels the person/people are comfortable, he just starts snapping away!  How do you all feel about this?  Do you tend to stay in your comfort zone, or do you challenge yourself?


  1. I LOVED dance too as a kid! I miss it so much. Her mommy made sweater is so pretty!

  2. Love the dance class photos!

    Sounds like a cool class. I tend to stay in my comfort zone but it's something I know I need to work on :-)

  3. What a pretty little girl! I love the angle of the shots! Good luck this weekend, I definitely need to reach out of my comfort zone. I might snap a pic here or there in public, but they're always of my family (no strangers). Let us know how it goes!!

  4. You KNOW I love those dance pictures! So sweet!

    Sounds like you're taking a great class. I am so uncomfortable dragging out my camera in front of others. I'm still learning and I fumble to get the settings constantly so I can't imagine doing that in front of strangers. Good luck at the sled dog race. Can't wait to see what you shoot.

  5. I have a thing too, with whipping out the camera in public. I'm sure once we get over it though, we'll see it's not so bad, and will actually maybe be fun to get some different shots! Don't worry about what other people think. If you act the part like you know what you're doing, he confidence will follow! I do need to take my own advice though, so YMMV, LOl.

    I love the composition on the dance photos! Your doing great!!

  6. I love your shots - how sweet are the dance ones! And great profile too. I am pretty reserved when it comes to taking photo's - worry too much about what people are thinking. I need to get outside of that and just do it! Your class sounds awesome.

  7. Yum! Those muffins look great ;) and the dance shots are toooo cute. Love those little black patent shoes!

  8. Love the dance photos...what a ham! You can come take pictures over here anytime...although that might not really be out of your comfort zone....I just love your photos!

  9. I love the overhead shot of your DD dancing. I need to try and shoot from some different angles.

  10. Your shots are wonderful and I'm impressed you use your 50mm so often. I love mine but always find myself putting the 24-70 back on so I can get more in the picture. I'm pretty comfortable shooting just about anything because I feel somewhat anonymous behind the camera and will do just about anything to get the shot I'm after....including looking pretty silly. Looking silly or awkward only lasts a few moments, but a great shot lasts forever.


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