Days 284 to 291 - One Singular Post for Eight Terrific Days

Day 284 - Fire Tower

Olivia and I hiked up Stratham Hill and climbed to fire tower to eat lunch.  After lunch we walked on the trails in the woods for 45 minutes.  Her statement at the end of the trip tells you how much fun we had, "Mommy, I never, ever want to go in the woods again."  Awesome.

Day 285 - Lasagna Night!

My kids actually enjoy lasagna.  I swear, they do!  They also eat salad.  I made "Sneaky Momma's Tomato Sauce" which has kale, carrots and spinach in it.  Shhh, don't tell.

Day 286 - I Don't Like Milk

But Cameron does!  Olivia pretends to like it, but she really hates it.

Day 287 - Cameron and Mommy

When Olivia was born, Cameron gave this statue to me as a gift to represent him and I and the bond we would always have no matter what.  OK, so he just gave it to me.  Not sure there was any meaning behind it for him, but for me, there was a whole lot of emotion.  About a year later he was playing ball in the house and broke the statue.  He was so sad.  When I came home from work he looked at me and burst into tears telling me he broke it.  We glued it, but ever since that day it became a ball magnet.  It finally broke beyond repair one day.  I bought myself a new one.  It still has the same meaning.

Day 288 - Ad Prep and Squishy Balls

One of the shifts I am scheduled occasionally is "Ad Prep".  Sounds way more exciting than it actually is.  You know all those little sale signs that hang off (or fall off) the edges of the shelves at Target?  Yeah?  Well, I get to sort them all by aisle number.  What's even better is that most of them do not have a location on them, so I scan them to find the location and hand write it.  It is monotonous, but it is hours, and I need hours.  Oh, I almost forgot about the squishy ball!  We have Halloween decorations out already.  So, I was having a rough morning and one of my co-workers brought this awesome maggot/bug/blood squishy ball for me to play with.  I need to get one for Cam and Olivia.  They would love it!

Day 289 - My First 5K

My very first 5K run was Saturday the 17th.  My brother ran with me.  I really hope you can tell the difference between the two legs... Wit's is the one with the goosebumps.  So I ran 6 times before this, and only one of those was a full run without stopping.  I was a bit nervous the day of the 5K.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to run the whole way.  But, I did and I finished in 27:09 which is an 8:45 minute mile.  I also got fastest finisher in my age group.  I realize that there were only 15 women in my age group, but still.  A great first 5K.

Day 290 - I Like My Hiking Boots

I really can't wait for the day that they look all battered and beat up.  That means they have done their job.  I hiked Flume and Liberty on Sunday the 18th.  It was a beautiful day and one of my favorite hikes to date.

Day 291 - Olivia and Mommy Day

Olivia and I spent the day in Portsmouth today.  I love Portsmouth.  I remember watching this same bridge go up and down when I was her age.  I love the excitement that something so simple brings to a child.  We spent some time in Prescott Park, walked to the toy store, shared a brownie at the coffee shop, walked around Market Square, played tag back at Prescott Park and ended our day at Lowe's in Greenland.  I know, it was hard to top the amazing day in Portsmouth, but Lowe's?  Come on!  Who doesn't love a trip to Lowe's? ;)

That's it.  Eight terrific days.

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  1. Great photos, girl! I've resorted to catching up all at once, too. Good job, keep it up!!


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