Day 280 - September 8th - Fischer

My pal Fischer has been hanging out with me since April of 1998.  He is 13 years old.  Sometimes he acts elderly, but sometimes I look at him and think he is still a pup.  I love to hate this guy.  I joke that he will live another 13 years just to annoy me.  I know the time is coming when he will always act elderly and I will suddenly realize how much I really love him, and then the time will come when I will just miss him.  I am not ready for that, nor is he.  I just need to remind myself to cherish him and take care of him now and not take his loyal friendship for granted.


  1. it is so difficult when we loss an old friend,

    my Orlando past almost 3 years ago and there still isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss his tail wag and his excitement upon my arrive home from work

  2. I just love this picture.. it pulled me in.. wonderful angle, and well framed.


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