Day 278 - September 6th, Great Pirate Powers

One of my favorite things about my job is the people I get to work with every day.  How can I not smile all day long when I work with people like the Great Pirate Powers.  I'm not sure, but that might be his wolf shirt under his Target uniform, but that is a story that only Matt can tell.

Last week I took the kids in to Target to buy a birthday present for their friend.  On the way out we met Matt, only he was not a pirate, he was just Matt.  Olivia was sucking a cup to keep it on her face.  Matt bent down and joked that he couldn't do it with his Starbucks iced coffee cup.  Olivia says, very matter-of-fact, "Take the cover off."  Oh, yeah.  I guess that would help.  Then Matt proceeds to have a contest with my four year old to see who can keep the cup on their face the longest.  Olivia won.  So Matt challenged her to a jumping contest.  You can guess who won that one.

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