Day 264 - August 21st, Drunk People Are Hilarious

 Yes, this photo is pretty lame, but I swear, the story will make up for it!  Life is all about the story anyway, I say!

This particular evening I had been ditched by a friend but taken in by another.  My friend Catherine works at Target and at her parents hotels on the ocean.  She asked me to keep her company one night.  Our plan was to play card games, order take out and just chat.  What we got was much, much more!

Catherine and I were sitting in the office and she watches as a young couple walks toward the door.  Her gut reaction was, "I am not going to rent a room to these people."  When they came inside and asked for a room I guess she couldn't turn down the revenue because she said yes!  The young man started to ramble on about how they were getting a room because they were too drunk to drive.  The young woman smiled in agreement.  Then he began to babble about where they were drinking and how a bunch of old ladies stood in front of their car and wouldn't let them drive but that they were going back to show them the room key so they could drive their car to the hotel.  The young man asked about bars in the area.  Catherine mentioned a place that also had lobster.  He was pretty excited about it.  Off they went.  He came back a couple minutes later and asked for a key (which they already had) but Catherine gave him a second one.

Ten minutes later they were back with their car.  The young man came in before he went to dinner to ask for another key.  Seriously!  Where is he putting these keys?  He told me he was going to the lobster restaurant.  I asked him if he was going by himself and he said, "Oh yeah, she's in bed.  Best place for her!"  OK, awkward.  When he left I asked Catherine if we should go check on her.  I thought maybe he murdered her and was taking off.  But, he came back after dinner and asked for a towel for the pool.  Again, he was by himself.  

Catherine and I are sitting at the desk when we hear a crash.  We look up and the girlfriend is on the third floor balcony throwing something over the edge into the parking lot.  We thought it was his suitcase.  We watch her pace in and out of the room and then come down the stairs, walk toward the pool yelling, turn around and get into her car and drive away.  "She left him!" is what Catherine and I kept saying, laughing hysterically.  Poor drunken fool.  Lobster and swimming by himself, what did he expect?

And then the cops show up.  Catherine decides it is time to make an appearance.  We go outside to discover that it was not his suitcase that she threw, but the patio furniture.  Then she drove over it on her way out!  Ha ha ha!  Should I find this funny?  I don't care because I think it is hilarious!  This, my friends, is why I stop after one beer!!

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