Day 262 and 263 - August 19th and 20th, Ninja Cam

I love LEGOs.  I had LEGOs growing up and I remember making some pretty awesome things with them.  I loved to make houses complete with beds and chairs and couches.  For the first five years of Cameron's life I restricted the types of toys we would buy.  I preferred wooden, natural toys over battery operated plastic ones.  Made in China was forbidden!  LEGOs are manufactured in Denmark people!  European countries banned the use of BPA and pthalates in the production of plastic.  So last year Cameron got his first set of LEGOs.  The only thing that bothers me about them is that you cannot just buy a big giant tub of the tiny LEGOs and make whatever you want.  LEGO is starting to fall into the evil that is commercialism.  Now you have to buy Star Wars or Cars or Toy Story LEGOs.  The newest collection is this Ninja set.  Cameron has a couple of them.  After playing with them for an hour he came to me with this red play silk and asked me to turn him into a Ninja.  I obliged and then took a photo with my camera phone :)

And here is a photo of his inspiration :)

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