Day 246 - August 3rd, She's An Original

Let me tell you about Olivia.  She is sweet and she's pretty cute, but she is also a big giant pain in my butt!  She pushes my buttons like nobody's business.  She has got it down so well I think she could write a book on the topic.

Last week I asked her to go get her pajamas on.  She stripped down to her cute little naked self and walked into her bedroom.  The whole time she was doing this she was saying, "Momma, I am listening to you, do you see?"  I was actually pretty happy with her aside from her bragging about her awesomeness.  (I have absolutely no idea where she gets that from!)  I went into the kitchen for a few minutes and when I turn around, out Olivia marches still completely naked wearing a flower crown and a feather boa and absolutely nothing else.  "Here's my pajamas!" she says.

I just took a picture, a deep breath and moved on.


  1. Good for you mom. Remember, it's all about living in the moment!


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