Days 175 and 176 - My Favorite Time of Day and Just Practicing

Day 175 - My Favorite Time of Day - OK, I don't have just one favorite time of day; I have a lot.  There is first thing in the morning when the kids are almost waking up.  Their eyes are closed but they are aware that it is morning and they can hear me get out of bed.  Then there is the evening when they are drifting off to sleep and it is almost time for Mommy-time.  OK, that might be my most favorite.  I also really enjoy right after school.  I love their messy hair, sweaty brow and hairlines, paint on their clothes, markers on their hands and face, food on their shirts and the big giant hugs I get because they are so happy to see me.  That lasts about a millisecond and then they are asking for a snack.  I know this exact situation happens in millions of homes all over the world and there are other Moms like me who cherish every moment of it!

Day 176 - Just Practicing - Today I did not take out the camera until I remembered I was meeting a friend to help her with this month's camera club assignment.  One of our photo categories is "Waterfalls", but not just any waterfall.  We are supposed to be capturing the blurry "misty" effect in the waterfall that you get when you slow down the shutter speed.  My friend Bernice has a point and shoot and takes excellent photos, but she was having trouble with this assignment.  She is limited by the fact that she cannot go above f8 in manual.  So, when she slows down the shutter speed enough for a blur her photo is way over exposed.  I met her at a local waterfall and helped her out a bit.  I suggested trying it later in the day/evening.  Then I snapped one photo of my own, just to reassure myself that I did know what I was talking about.  The photo is not stunning, but at least I know I can do it.  I plan on finding a remote waterfall sometime in the next two weeks.


  1. The pics of your kids are darling...good job on the water.

  2. I agree with Karren. Your little ones are so cute and you did a great job capturing the water. I think it's funny that you like that time when they come home so messy! What a cool mom :)

  3. The top one is adorable and those are some of my favorite times of the day too :-)

    Love the water one. I've tried it once and did okay but want to try it again.

  4. Many point 'n shoots have a built in "neutral density" filter setting to cut back exposure, allowing for slower shutter speeds. Bernice should check that out.

    Could also dial in the lowest ISO setting the camera allows.

    The best way is to wait for lower light.


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