Day 177 - It Feels Like Home

Today I spent the most amazing day at our new rental house.  I had not yet seen the inside of the house so I got the cleaning supplies, left the husband and children behind and spent the whole day cleaning and unpacking.  Well, most of the day.  I enjoyed myself too ;)  There are hiking trails right behind our house.  I hiked up to a fire tower at the top of Stratham Hill and climbed to the top to shoot some photos.  Nothing amazing, just wanted you all to see the view.  Then I continued to hike through Stratham Woods.  There are quite a few miles of trails in there.  I had the most amazing time!  I am looking forward to hiking those trails with the kids.

Here are some mushrooms I found along the path.  I was not a very prepared photographer today, but I was definitely inspired in these woods.  There will be some great things to come in the future, I do know that for sure!!

On the drive back to Gilford I was traveling a road I traveled a lot as a teenager and this feeling came over me.  Suddenly I felt that I was home again; back where I belong!  It felt very good.


  1. These are two beautiful photos. The seccond one of the mushrooms, could be in a magazine! I liked your diaolog as well.

  2. cool mushroom photo. Sounds like an adventurous place!

  3. Love the mushrooms!! Hope you are settling in fine. What fun to be able to go for a hike! The only hikes I get around here is out to the car! ;)

  4. What a nice view! How cool to have hiking trails so nearby.

  5. Yeah, I'm so glad to hear the move is going good. Isn't it fun to "play house" and start over fresh! I sure know how much work it is, but it's so rewarding too. I'm so happy that you have a sense of peace about it because I know you were worried, and it sounds like it is the place you were meant to be. I can't wait to see and hear more about it. And, boy are you brave to move into a house you've never seen the inside of before. Did you like it?


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