Day 178 - Hibachi

Friday night was triple-date night, plus one.  We went to a Japanese steakhouse and sushi bar and had a blast!  I tried a raw salmon sushi for the very first time and it was disgusting!!  But at least I tried it.  At one point while the chef was cooking our Hibachi choices he chopped up a zucchini and flung a piece into each of our mouths.  I got one photo of our friend Leigh that was awesome, but she asked me to delete it.  Because she is my friend, I did, but believe me, it was hilarious.  Instead I have a photo of Sean in action :)


  1. nice catch, both by you and him!

  2. Awesome shot, and you're a good friend for deleting Leigh's photo; I have a rule that I never keep a pic of someone else that I wouldn't want if if was me, but it's got to be hard when it's a shot you like but they don't. Glad you were able to get out and have some adult time before your move. Do you know anyone in the new town you're moving to.


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