Day 158 - Wanakee Work Day

I volunteer at a summer camp for Christian families and children called Wanakee United Methodist Center.  Last year was my first year volunteering as a director of a camp session.  Before that it had been 20 years or more since I had been a camper at this very camp.   Last year I directed a camp called "You and Me" for kids and one of their parents. I had 20 campers and it was a blast. This year I am directing two camps. One is the "You and Me" and the other is called "Happy Feet" for first-time overnight campers without a parent. Yikes! On Saturday we had a work day to open and clean the camp. I was on kitchen duty. This is one of the girls helping clean every single dish in the dining hall. Never had so much fun cleaning in my life!

On another note, I am a day behind on posting.  I took photos today, but I have a backlog of photos to edit and post on Facebook from this weekend.  I am also, as usual, way behind on commenting on your wonderful blogs and projects.  I will probably continue to be behind all month as we are trying to pack to move on June 1.  Once we are moved and settled, I promise to over compensate in the comment department.  Thank you all for your continued comments.  Love you all!!!!


  1. what amazing work! i was a camp counselor one summer in college. it was the best summer of my life! it changed who i was completely. what a wonderful gift you are giving to those kiddos!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like a lot of fun. I worked at our church camp one summer when I was much, much younger ;-)

  3. So cool that you're directing these things at the camp! I hope they go very well.

    No worries about not being around to comment - we all go through seasons that are busy, and you have alot to do for your move. I hope that goes very well, too:)


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