Day 157 - Go Sox!

So far a dismal performance tonight (and we won't even talk about last night), but we love our Sox, no matter what!  At least it is only May.  Plenty more baseball to be played!

The kids had so much fun outdoors today.  My Dad took them over to the putting green on the golf course to help them with their stance.  Cameron is really getting the hang of it!  later he did all 9 holes with my Dad.  Super!  Cameron even taught me how to swing a club.  I'm starting to really enjoy golf.


  1. A true fan! Way to stick by them through thick and thin.

  2. sorry your team isn't doing so well. we don't follow baseball. we're vikings football fans. we had a miserable season too.

    also, i gave you a Most Versitile Blogger Award. go to my post here to find out more :)



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