Day 108 - It Was One of Those Days

Thank you all for your comments yesterday!  To answer a question, the collage is created at Picnik, a photo editing website.  The basic package is free to join, but I upgraded to get the jigsaw puzzle collages that I love.  It's a relatively inexpensive option for me right now.

More often than not I find I have so many photos for 365, I cannot narrow it down to just one.  Granted, there are days that I just am not feeling it and barely have my camera in my hand, but those days are few and far between.  Most days I cannot stop taking photos.  I have such wonderful things to photograph right in front of me, all day long.

I started taking photos at 7:30 this morning when my Dad came over with coffee.  My parents live across the street and are such a huge help to me whenever I need it.  Today, my Dad was just there, and it was so nice.  I forced myself to choose just one photograph to call my official 365 photo and it just so happened to be the 3rd photo I took today.  My Dad with his Mickey mug and Olivia in the background telling him to "Play Grampa!"  It's constant with her and my Dad is a pretty good sport about it.

And now, here are some more.  It was so beautiful today.  We spent a bunch of time outdoors.  I couldn't take too many photos as we had the infant today.  He is such a bundle of joy!  His parents are understandably uneasy about having his photo on the internet, so I cannot share any of those, but believe me, he was there :)

All the above photos are SOOC.  

Below are photos from Center Harbor docks today.  I went down to catch the moon rise, but it was weak.  The sky was too bright and the moon was washed out as it rose over the mountains.  I was expecting something spectacular and it didn't happen.  But as Kevin Sperl says, "You win some, you lose most."  So true, in photography and in raising children, I say.

These have some basic editing applied.  A slight boost to contrast, lowered the exposure a tad and increased the saturation a smidge.  Nothing spectacular, but way better than my moon shots!


  1. I love picnik! Also upgraded :-) That first shot is great - love Olivia in the background :-)

  2. I adore the shot of your Dad with his mug. It conveys such love and warmth. It's wonderful that you live so close and that you're able to share so much of your lives together. I love Picnik collages....I did one for today too!

  3. I too love that shot of your Dad and Olivia! Such a wonderful thing to have them so close and that your kids enjoy, I'm sure!! I also really love your harbor shots, even if you didn't get the moon! That last one is my favorite, the colors, the composition, the landscape are all fabulous!

  4. Love the shot of your dad and Olivia! Okay, I like them all :-)

  5. That is so awesome you live across the street from your parents. You are so fortunate to be so close. My mom is in the next state over. It stinks, but it is what it is. We just try to enjoy the time we DO get together when we visit.

  6. All great, but I really LOVE the one with Grandpa holding the Mickey Mouse cup. It brings memories back of moments with my grandpa. :)

  7. These are all good... but I really love the one with Grandpa and his mug, and of course the dialog aboout it.

  8. I love all the photos- and, being a Grandma, I am partial to the one with Grandpa's mug. How lucky for your parents that you are right across the street! I looked at your teacher's moon photo- wow!
    Oh- and I love Picnik too- haven't done the paid- maybe I will now.


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