This Week in Our Dining Room - Week One

Taking the lead from my friend Kim over at Following Our Bliss, I am going to start posting our weekly menu.  One of my goals for my DayZero project (their website is currently not available) is to plan family meals ahead of time and shop only once a week for six weeks straight.  I have not been very good at the six weeks straight part.  I meal plan one week and the next week I forget.  Blogging about it might help.  We'll see.  Here is Week 1:

  • Monday - Damien is cooking and that is a treat in itself.  He is making us a pizza casserole that he made for his shift at the fire house last week.  Sounds delicious made with local chicken sausage.  Yum!
  • Tuesday - Potato Mushroom Soup with Apple garnish from Vegetarian times, Brussels sprouts and homemade bread from my new bread cookbook.  This is girl's night, so I will make this ahead and Damey just has to heat it up and cook the bread.
  • Wednesday - Chicken Tikka Masala with Nan and mango chutney.
The rest of the week I am on my own as Damey starts his workweek.  Like my friend Kim I try to keep the meals simple while he is away.  I also took her lead and am making things I love, but he isn't very impressed with.
  • Thursday - Eggplant Parmesan over ziti with butternut squash.  (Damien is not into this dish)
  • Friday - Pizza night!  (no cooking or cleanup, yes!)
  • Saturday - leftover night or Brinner (breakfast for dinner, ie. waffles and scrambled eggs)
  • Sunday - Shepard's Pie (not a Damey favorite but the kids and I love it!)


  1. Good work! I love meal planning...without it I'd be lost when I'd enter my kitchen for dinner prep at 5!

  2. I've been meal planning the last 2 weeks too and it feels great! I even have a calendar on the fridge so I know what is coming. And I love grocery shopping when I have the meals all planned out - so much easier and cheaper! Can I have your tiki masala recipe - I want to make it with tofu and veggies but I can never find a recipe I like. Didn't you make it for me once?

  3. Ha ha, that's because I spelled it wrong! It's tikka masala. Silly me :) We just buy the premade sauce at Hannaford and add whatever we want. They have Nan and mango chutney. That is one of a few meals I don't make from scratch.

  4. I've made tikka masala from scratch and honestly, the jar of sauce tastes just as good--is cheaper than all the expensive ingredients I would only use for that recipe, and is easy! It is one of the few I don't make from scratch too....I haven't made it in a while, hmmmm, maybe next week!


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