Day 41 - Ten on Ten: January

On the tenth day of every month, take one photo every hour for ten consecutive hours.  Here is my Ten on Ten:

Olivia has a cold.  She woke up in the middle of the night very stuffed up and sad.  I promised her a movie day so she would calm down and go back to sleep.  It is nights like these I am glad we bedshare because the night would have been terrible had I had to get out of my nice warm bed.  She played the keyboard during Mamma Mia! and danced.  She wasn't that sick, I guess.

9 a.m.                                                 10 a.m.

11 a.m.  The view from the gym where I work out.

Grapefruit is in season.  It was on sale at Hannaford so I grabbed a bunch.  It just so happens to be my favorite fruit.  After lunch, Little Cameron and Olivia played with Polar Express trains and had a ton of fun! 

12 p.m.                                                    1 p.m.

Cameron has been waiting for a week for his new rolling backpack from his Uncle Wit.  It was not supposed to be here until tomorrow, so he was so surprised after school when it was already here!

3 p.m.

Daddy made supper tonight which was a super treat for me!  While Damey cooked, Cameron played with his new backpack.
 4 p.m.                                                   5 p.m.

 I missed an hour at 2 p.m., so I took two photos at 5 instead.  After dinner we transferred all of Cameron's stuff out of his old backpack and into his new backpack.  This is his new math worksheet.  The numbers go to 100 with some spaces left blank which he fill in all by himself.  I am amazed by his penmanship.  Later in the evening, Damien and Cameron read together.  Actually, Cameron read to his Daddy and it was very impressive.  He can sound out words like "bottom" and "spaceship".  No more cat, at and rat for him!

 5 p.m.                                                           6 p.m.

 Another wonderful day at the Sevin house!  I'm glad tomorrow is the 11th.  That was exhausting :)


  1. Wow go you! I don't know if I would remember to take a picture every hour! All I can say is that if I had a gym with that view I might actually go!!!

  2. Ooo, I do not like grapefruit but that picture sure made it look yummy! Wonderful shots:)

  3. I love grapefruits too! Impressive to remember to take a pic every hour--I'm not sure I'd remember!!! Bravo!

  4. Love this idea! It would be exhausting though :O) Thanks for your encouraging words on my post today!! :O)

  5. Looks like a good day at your house! Love the picture of your little guy bent down looking at his train!

  6. This is fabulous! What a great way to capture a day!


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