Olivia and Mommy's Day of Fun!

 My husband is a Firefighter/EMT.  He has a new position in a fire department that is over an hour away from our house.  Yes, we will be moving sometime in the very near future.  Until then, he is away for many days at a time (four in a row, to be exact).  On the bright side, he is also home for four days in a row.  Sometimes his days home fall during the week, and sometimes on a day that Olivia is not in school.  These days are very special.  Olivia is the second child, and as such missed out on the one-on-one attention that her brother received as an infant and toddler.  On the days we are both home with her she gets to pretend she is an only child.

Our day started out reading stories from the kids childrens bible.  My Mom bought it for them a couple of months ago.  Cameron woke up and wanted to hear the story of Jonah and the Whale (inspired by a story in one of his shark books where a man is reported to have lived inside a whale shark for 15 hours).  After Cam left for school, Olivia wanted me to read the whole thing!  We compromised on two more stories.  

Then there were the dominoes!  I am looking forward to when she wants to play with these again!  I had fun! (Oh, and she did too).

Damien needed to study so he asked if I could take Olivia to the library so he could have a little quiet time.  Before we left she wanted to do one puzzle.  This one is her favorite, and actually, it is mine too!  She does the whole thing herself, although she pretends to need help.  She's so sweet to realize Mommy isn't ready for her to not need me anymore!

Then it was off to the library.  Our first stop is always the table right at the entrance where she does all the puzzles before we can move on.  We lucked out at the library.  I forgot that story time had started back up, so we stayed for that and got to do a craft.  Awesome!  Olivia picked out six books.  Her favorite one is "Shoe-La-La" by Karen Beaumont.  It's about a group of young girls who go shoe shopping.  Now Olivia wants a fancy pair of purple shoes... with heels!  Oh boy.  And of course, Grampa promised them to her, but only if she goes a week without wetting her pull-up at night.  I'll take that deal!

Olivia and I had a super fun, fantastic day, and it was even better because Daddy shared it with us!

We missed Cameron, but when he came home he joined in on all the fun!

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