This Week in Our Dining Room - Week Four

Truly uninspired this week.  I'm allowed.  But, I still have to meal plan, as it has benefited our bank account and my sanity greatly the last three weeks.

  • Monday - Brocolli Cheddar quiche, easy peasy pasta salad
  • Tuesday - Spinach lasagna, garlic bread, Caesar salad
  • Wednesday - Chicken Tortilla Pie, Spanish Rice
  • Thursday - Bison Burgers on Organic whole grain bread, potato salad, applesauce
  • Friday - Pizza Night!!
  • Saturday - Leftovers or Brinner
  • Sunday - Crockpot Minestrone soup
Damien is home for a few short hours today, so I am sending him to the grocery store.  He actually enjoys it as long as I send him with a very detailed list.  

I will note that all of these meals (except pizza night, obviously) are made from scratch.  We do not buy any processed packaged foods, with the exception of our grains (pasta and bread).  In a perfect world I would love to make that myself, but I know not to take on too much.  I do make the quiche crust, Caesar salad dressing, Spanish rice and potato and pasta salads, rather than buying prepackaged stuff.  It's better for us from a health standpoint and easier on the wallet.  But, that being said, I accept the fact that I am not a Super Mom and I cannot do it all every day.  That's why, since I started consistently meal planning, I always schedule a pizza night and a night to eat breakfast for dinner.  The kids LOVE both and it gives me a much needed (and guilt-free) break.

I think that eating whole foods, organic foods and local food is very important, but so is Mommy's sanity!  Eat well my friends and enjoy your family meals however you desire to enjoy them :)

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  1. Good work keeping up with the menus! It makes easier...when I have no inspiration, I sit down with a cookbook or 2 and sometimes dig up old menus from last year! You don't have to re-invent the wheel....re-make what you did 3 weeks ago!


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