Day 50 - For the Troops

This is redundant.  I know I already shared this story, but I had to take a better photo of all the stuff.  Plus, for those of you who are not my Facebook friend, you may appreciate an update on this project.  For his birthday party, Cameron collected donations of items to make care packages for soldiers in Iraq.  The response was amazing, and overwhelming.  We have enough stuff that we should be able to put together a large flat-rate USPS box for each soldier in my brother's unit!  That's 39 soldiers who will receive some goodies!

We collected enough personal hygiene items and snacks.  We are looking for help (and getting it) with adding some fun stuff like iTunes gift cards, phone cards or small games/puzzles.  If anyone has an interest in helping out, please let me know!  We are also in the process of figuring out how to ship them all at minimal cost.  We have already received offers of monetary donations toward shipping and offers from friends to "sponsor" a care package.  Once I get the list of names I will be taking you up on those offers!  Thank you to everyone who donated.  The soldiers will be thrilled!

I have also solicited the help of Cameron's Kindergarten class.  On Monday they will be drawing pictures and writing notes to the soldiers.  Again, I hope to get enough that I can add one special note/drawing to each care package. 

We cannot wait to put these packages together and mail them to the soldiers!


  1. How sweet, this is such a great idea and so thoughtful of you guys!

  2. Awesome! I love when families do projects like this together.

  3. What an AWESOME thing to do! Especially for a birthday party! I love it!

  4. This is great! They will really appreciate the sweet packages you are sending. I know when my husband was deployed he always appreciated any package sent! Hope your brother comes home soon!

  5. I'll sponsor a care package, Amanda! I hope to see your mom at book group on Tuesday, so if you have an estimate of how much it'll cost, I can give the money to her, or I can send it to you by mail later, whatever works for you.
    Gail Gouveia


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