Day 51 - Dockside

Today I met a friend at the docks in Meredith.  She is looking for a new house to rent and wanted me to see one with her.  I brought my knitting and my camera with me on my errands in Concord, so they were still with me when I was waiting for her to pick me up.  While I was knitting, I looked up and the is the sight I saw out my window.  A slightly different angle, of course, but when you are taking photographs every day, you start to see things differently than they actually are.  At first glance, things may be what they appear, but as you look around you can adjust, or frame, the shot in your mind.  This isn't exactly what I pictured, but very close. 

You can see the water around the docks from the bubbler system they have so the docks don't freeze.  Directly beyond the docks is ice.  On the ice are bob houses, cars, snowmobiles and people.  It amazes me that five feet beyond open water there are people on the ice.  Yikes!


  1. I always enjoy going down to the water's edge. It's a different picture everytime I go.

  2. Cool shot, I love how you can see the wood grain in the first few dock poles! Awesome!

  3. 51 days in.. whoahh I'm exhausted and already worried about day 21! Pretty picture!

  4. I like it!! Love the lines! I love that about this project...you definitely see things differently :O)


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