Day 49 - My Kids Had School!

We woke up late this morning.  I didn't panic because I assumed there would be no school.  I grabbed my Pandigital and checked the local news.  Wouldn't you know it?  Every school in our state was closed except the two that my children attend!  (Maybe not every one, but it sure seemed like it)

It was pretty nasty outside once the bus came to get Cameron, and I actually felt guilty letting him get on it.  I knew by noon it would be terrible on the roads.  Sure enough, by 9 a.m. both of their schools had announced an early release.  Don't worry, I didn't let him ride the bus home!

So, it wasn't really a snow day today.  The kids do not have to make up the day in June, but they came home early and we did some fun indoor activities.  Cameron had a friend over, so he was off and playing.  But Olivia and I were very busy playing together.
Olivia and I spent some time crafting.  She painted and made a wooden butterfly using the new craft supplies her cousin Ashley gave her for Christmas.  She had so much fun!

So, I know there is more than one photo in this post, but I have been feeling like 365 has taken over my blog.  I used to blog every few days, sometimes only once a week.  But the post was very detailed with lots of photos of my family and what we did.  I enjoy the conciseness of the 365 posts and I'm happy that it has got me posting every day, but sometimes I miss the detail and the photo overload!  SO here you go!!

I just love those little hands hard at work!

Later, when the boys were being rough and loud, Olivia and I decided to build a castle with her new castle blocks from her Uncle Nate and Aunt Jennifer.  We LOVE them.

Olivia was very proud of her castle.  I hope she wants to use them again tomorrow.  It was a very zen activity for me.

When I had had enough of the loud crazy boy thing, I sent them outside in the freezing cold snow storm to sled down the hill in the backyard.  Olivia joined them and actually stayed out the longest! Our backyard is actually a 3-par golf course owned by our landlord.  In the winter it is cross-country ski/snowshoeing trails.  It's pretty awesome and I will miss it when we move...

Ahh, that feels better now that it is out of my system!


  1. Cute, I love the painting pictures!

  2. I think we were all thinking there would be a snowday! oh well, one less day to make up in June! See you tonight!

  3. Just found your blog through the 365ers. Cute pictures! Feel free to check out my blog. http://throughaphotographerseyes.blogspot.com/


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