Day 45 - This is what we did today...

I have been trying to get my knit and stitched items up in my Etsy Shop, but before I could I really needed to take some photos.  After games and snack, Olivia agreed to be my model.  She was more than agreeable, she was super excited!  She kept saying "I'm your model?" with a big grin on her face.  When it was all done, she kept wanting to model things.  We had a fun morning being "girly"!

Check out what is for sale in my Etsy Shop!  There are a lot more things that I have yet to post, so if you do not see anything you like, stay tuned!  Boys hats, organic wash clothes and ballet sweaters still to come...


  1. Her little crown is so pretty. Sweet photo

  2. Your shop is so cute. Are you going to be adding that ballet sweater? I've got 1 1/2 till I can get my little one in ballet. :) Haha


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