365 - Olivia Bakes a Cookie

Day 13

OK, so I am probably really bending the rules of Project 365.  Come to think of it, I don't think I ever read the rules, if there are any... On all the 365 blogs I read there is only one photo a day.  I have a really hard time picking just one, especially when the subject is my darling Olivia.

Olivia helped me bake cookies today for the cookie swap (see post below).  She was actually very helpful!  She loves to bake.  She loves to break the eggs, although sometimes I forget to remind her that it is not hard boiled.  My bad.  She also loves to pour all the ingredients in and mix.  So, I guess she likes to do it all!  Her most favorite thing to do is to help put the batter on the baking sheet so that she can lick the spoon when we are finished.  Oh the simple pleasures in life!

Now really, how could I pick just one of these photos!  Her expressions get me every time.

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