365 - All Together Now

Day 14

Used auto mode with the flash for this photo, so it's not the greatest.  Composition is even terrible.  I was tired and I knew had only a few seconds to get the kids all together and looking at the camera, so I thought I would play it safe.  But I did take a photo today, so that has to count for something.  We went to a Christmas party tonight with some old play group friends.  It was fun.  The kids played hard.  The highlight of the evening for me was when Olivia decided she had to pee right when I was taking off her tights to put her pajamas on.  Yup, she peed in my hands.  Awesome!  This solo-parenting thing is starting to get to me, and it has only just begun.  I miss you darling hubby!


  1. Isn't being a parent sometimes just the best! ;-)
    I could never have imagined so much merde, pipi and vomit in someone's life! I feeel your single-parenting woes. C'mon over anytime!

  2. Sometimes it's perfect enough to capture the memory and not worry about composition and all that other stuff. :) The picture will be so cute to look back on.


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