W.I.P. Wednesday - Olivia's 2010 Sweater

On the needles as of today is Olivia's KPS hooded tunic in a beautiful plum color that she picked herself.

Cameron's sweater is complete and he loves it.  I put it on him today and he said, "Oh, it feels nice."  I love that my kids love the things I make for them.  Olivia was very excited to see Cam's sweater finished because she knew that meant I would be starting hers.  I may not have all three finished before the Sandwich fair, but "two out of three ain't bad."

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  1. Sigh. I'm still working on a sweater I started last November. I think one of my biggest mistakes was making a sweater in the ribbed stitch (if that is what K2P2 is called). It takes me forever. I think I might have to try some of these KPS designs- they look like they might be quicker and keep my attention. :)


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