FO- Cameron's 2010 Sweater

It's finished!  Cameron's KPS hooded tunic.  I captured these adorable shots of him playing an archery game on our new Wii.  Yes, we have entered the gaming world, much to my dismay, but Cameron enjoys it and adheres to the limits we set.  Personally, I only wanted it for Netflix streaming, but the Wii Sports Resort game is actually pretty fun!  Plus, I'm better at it than Damien, so there is that.

Here he is in his sweater.  He wouldn't take it off!
I love that he looks like a little woodsman, it makes me smile :)
Oh, by the way, the archery game shoots at targets not at animals, in case you were wondering ;)

As we were snuggling in bed the first night it was finished, Cameron whispered in my ear, "Mommy, can I wear my sweater to school tomorrow?"  He sure knows the right words to say to make his Mama happy!

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  1. We haven't played our Wii all summer and we pulled it out a rainy Sunday last month. It was hilarious, you would think Cole won the lottery he was so excited to play.

    Band Hero is definitely my favorite game to play on the Wii. I pretend I can carry a tune. :)


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