Ten Things Thursday

Today is Olivia's first day of pre-school.  She is attending on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the same school we brought Cameron to for the past two years.  She did not want to go to school.  She has been very sad about it for the past few days.  Cameron and I dropped her off this morning.  Cameron was such a sweet brother.  He kept telling her wonderful things about the school and also told her that he cried the first time I dropped him off, but he still had fun at school.

When we got to the school, her eyes were welled-up with tears.  I hugged her and started to get emotional. Cameron hugged her and we said goodbye.  She held out her hand and with her tear-filled eyes said, "bye."  It was so sad.  I cried the minute we were out the door.  Then Cameron cried.  We both blubbered about how awesome Olivia is and how we are both going to miss her.

So, to commemorate the day Olivia first went to school, here are ten awesome things about my baby girl:

  • She adores her brother.

  • She loves to eat.  Cheese is her favorite snack, but she has to break it up into tiny little pieces first so that she "has more".
  • She always lets Cameron have the big half of the cookie.
  • She is brave.  When she broke her leg she showed us all how strong and brave she is.  And today, when she went to pre-school, even though she was sad.  Her bravery amazes me!

  • She can entertain herself and us for hours!  Her favorite toys right now are her horses and her "Jessie" doll.  But when she doesn't have her toys, she pretends her feet are toys.
  • She loves to wear dresses, but she also loves to wear "boy" clothes.  She shares pajamas with her brother and thinks that is the coolest thing ever!

  • She always forgets to put her undies back on after she goes potty.  I think it's hysterical!  Damien doesn't :)
  • When she wakes up in the night her hand automatically reaches for my hair.  I love this.  I smile every time she does it (well, except when she pulls too hard...)

  • She says "please" and "thank you" almost all the time.  She is polite and kind.  Especially out in public and I think that is AWESOME!
  • She is the best daughter and little sister and blesses us every day with her beautiful smile!  Her smile can warm anyone's heart.

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