Oh The Places You Will Go

It has been almost 6 years since the day I first met my beautiful boy.  I loved him before I met him and I have loved him more every day since then.  Even though we have been preparing for this day for the past few months, it seems it has still taken me by surprise.  I woke up at 2 a.m. and looked at my sweet baby boy and got teary-eyed.  

December 31, 2004.  New Year's Eve.  The night he was born.  Will I always remember that day like it was yesterday?  Because it really does not seem like almost six years ago!  He said his first words, took his first steps, got his first bloody injury, learned to use the potty, told me he loves me, and went to pre-school.  Then, all of a sudden, he is buckling himself in and out of his car seat, riding a bike, golfing, reading actual words and getting on the bus to go to Kindergarten.  He's my baby, and he's going on a bus to school!

This boy does love to learn, so I know he will be amazing at school.  He is fascinated by animals and asks me questions all the time that I just can't answer.  His favorite animal right now is the shark, but ask him which one and he is torn between Hammerhead, Great White, Tiger, Mako and Bull sharks.  School will suit him and that makes me happy.  

Cameron absolutely adores his family.  He adores his sister and takes special care of her.  He is excited for her to go to his old pre-school and even made her a card for her first day.  Cameron also loves making friends.  Every place we go, he asks if there will be kids there.  He is never shy when meeting new people and I can't wait to hear all about his new friends at school.  

Oh, the places you will go!  But I do wish you could stay little forever!


  1. I hope he had a great first day!
    I'm sure it will always seem like just yesterday he was born. He'll always be your baby boy!

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope he had wonderful day at school.

  3. Life goes by so quickly, doesn't it?

    Cameron is an amazing little boy and will be fantastic in kindergarten or whatever he does!


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