Ten Things Thursday

Oh how I love lists!  I make lists all the time.  I love little pads of note paper, I love fun pens.  I love a good pen.  You know what I'm talking about, one that writes really smooth.  I do not like colored pens.  I'm a fan of blue ink.  This week I spent a lot of time making lists.  Household budget, a grocery list, things to pack for the beach, fun things I want to do this summer.  

I have taken to carrying a notebook around with me to jot down little lists as I go through my day.  It is fun, as I do really love little note pads :)  And then on Wednesdays I can go back through my notebook and come up with a super fun Ten Things Thursday to share with my readers.  This week it seems that my brain kept thinking of random old movies I watched in the 80's.  So here are ten random movies that left an impression on me:

  1. The Stuff ~ a silly horror movie about tasty goo that turns people into monsters starring Scott Bloom (beautiful blue eyes), which of course got me thinking about...
  2. The Right Stuff ~ about the race to the moon (yes, we did go to the moon) and starring one of my favorite actors, Ed Harris
  3. Better Off Dead ~ John Cusack as "Lane Meyers".  "I want my two dollars!"  I thought of this while reluctantly watching Hot Tub Time Machine.
  4. The Great Outdoors ~ I had a huge crush on Chris Young in the 80's.  It is camp season right now, and I loved camp, and thinking about camp always gets me thinking about this awesome movie!
  5. Willow ~ Madmartigan, Willow Ufgood, Queen Bavmorda, Fin Raziel... absolutely love this movie.  Must watch it again soon!
  6. Top Gun ~ I cannot think about Val Kilmer without thinking about this movie.  I had the VHS and I watched it so much that it got fuzzy, especially during the volleyball scene.
  7. Critters ~ Furry man eating creatures from outer space, starring Scott Grimes.  I was always a sucker for a cute, freckle-faced redhead :)
  8. Space Camp ~ Someone asked me what I dreamed I would be when I was little.  I always thought an astronaut, until I realized I was afraid of flying.  But when I think about wanting to be an astronaut when I was little, I think of this movie.  Back when Joaquin Pheonix was "Leaf" Pheonix, Lea Thompson, Tate Donovan...
  9. Chances Are ~ Robert Downey Jr.  Enough said.  Ok, not enough said because I absolutely love RDJR!!!!  This movie was cheesy and awesome and I need to watch it again.
  10. 1969 ~ Of course, once I start thinking about RDJR I don't stop, so it made me think about the movie 1969 where he starred alongside Keifer Sutherland.  Another add to my Netflix Queue...
The list could go on, but it is only Ten Things Thursday!  Do you remember these movies, or do you have some favorites of your own?


  1. Dirty Dancing was the first pg-13 movie I saw...in the colonial theater downtown....I just loved how the nerdy girl got the hot guy...:-)

  2. I'm with you on Willow and The Great Outdoors! I remember watching them with you many, many times. :)

  3. Kim, I just watched Dirty Dancing twice this month! LOVE that movie. Remember Olivia's onsie? "Nobody puts baby in a corner."

    Michelle, I thought of you many times while writing this list :)

  4. I'm so with you on the list thing... love making them, it really helps me to organize my thoughts! And this list is a great one, makes me want to break out some good ole' movies!




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