You N Me

There is this place I used to go as a child.  As a child I remember it being "really far away" and preparing for this place was like waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.  I absolutely loved going.  "A spiritual place in the hills... Camp Wanakee."  It's funny how "far away" things seem when you are a child.  A one hour drive seemed live forever!  Now, though, Wanakee is practically in my back yard.

My Mom used to take me to Wanakee for women's retreats with our church.  My friend Michelle used to go with her Mom.  Later, as a teenager, I was a camper at Christian Adventure.  21 years passed since my last time as a camper at Wanakee.  21 years too long.

I recently had the opportunity to go back to Wanakee.  Not as a camper, but as a director of a camp.  Crazy, I know!  People kept asking me what I was thinking when I said yes.  Apparently I wasn't thinking.  It was blind faith that lead me to accept, and blind faith that brought me there.

When I arrived at camp on the Saturday before campers were due, I was nervous, a little scared and very unsure of myself.  I started to doubt my ability to lead a camp.  I actually cried my first night.  I was missing my husband and my kids and I so badly needed a snuggle.  The camp I was to be directing is called "You N Me" for children ages 6-7 and a grown-up of their choice.  I had made the decision not to bring Cameron because I wanted to focus my energy on directing and making sure the rest of the campers had a good time.  Well, Saturday night I called my parents and asked if they could bring Cameron to me.

So, I cried the first night, but once Cameron arrived and I met the counselor who would be helping me, everything seemed to fall into place.  I had a wonderful group of children and parents.  My friend's Mom was one of my campers, my "2nd" Mom who I used to go to camp with.  My group was filled with experienced campers who helped me out a lot.  Some took leadership roles when necessary, some just offered reassurance that I was doing a fine job.  Yes, I cried the first night, but I also cried the day I had to go home.  That always happens to me at Wanakee.

I will not let 21 years go by without visiting again.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I will visit again before 21 days go by!

Cooking Out

Putting the animals to bed

OK, trying to put the animals to bed...

The Grandfather Tree on Monkey Island

Hula Hooping was a favorite pastime.

Closing campfire

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