A Pony Party

This weekend Cameron was invited to a pony party for one of his friends from school.  It was at a local farm and it was spectacular!  

The adventure started with the kids making their own "farm" drawings which were later laminated to become place mats.

There were young chicks at the farm.  At first they were in a pen, but the kids all got a chance to pet one before they were set free on the range to do what they do best... eat bugs!  Yay for free range chickens!

After a game of musical hay stacks (hilarious) the kids all donned cowkid hats and bandanas for a group photo!  Cameron was in heaven!  

Mia.  Cam's best friend.  Look at those eyes!  Isn't she just gorgeous?  I had to leave the party to go to work, but Kim gave me updates throughout the night.  My favorite was this:

Cam says, "I want to be a farmer."
Mia replies, "Hey, I want to be a cowgirl!"
Cam says, "Oh, good.  We can work together."

The part I missed... the actual riding of the horses!  I did get to see the miniature ponies before I left.  My friend Lorienne kept my camera to get these nice shots of Cam on his horse.

She also captured these adorable photos of her daughter!

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  1. gorgeous photos (as always!) We had so much fun with Cam!


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